My first ever CLI project

So this is the end of phase 1 and hoooooo boy was it a hard two weeks. Through the hardware issues and other various tech issues I was able to finally make it through this, despite it being the 11th hour.

This project really pushed me to the limits of my knowledge and then some. In the long scheme of things, CLIs are pretty simple in concept but for a beginner it was a huge and daunting task. We were tasked to have the CLI either scrape from a website or pull from an API. I chose the API route.

My Project is called “Yugi’s Card Shop” and is based on the popular card game, Yu-gi-oh. When the user starts the app, it will welcome the user and ask them for an input. The user then can put in the name of the card they are looking for (for example, Pot of Greed). The app will then pull the card from the API and display the relevant information of said card(like name, description and so on).

After the card information has been displayed, the app will then ask the user if they want to search for another card. If the user says “yes” then the program will loop around back to the initial query and then the user can put in another card name. If the user inputs “no” then the app will exit and end.

Sounds really simple yes? I wish putting it together was. I ran into error after error whether it was a small misplaced “.” or the ever dreaded (for me at least) “wrong number of arguments (given 0, expected 1) (ArgumentError)”. This one particular error was the bane of my existence.

This error is extremely generic and doesn’t really help you figure out the actual issue if the problem is a bit bigger than it lets on. Turns out that the issue I was having with this wasn’t so simple either and it took help from another and more knowledgeable student to help me fix it.

All in all, this was a very stressful project but I am glad that I was able to finish it.